The key to any successful purchase is understanding the prospect's need. Most of the effort is saved if this step is professionally followed.


The next step is identifying the right property.  It takes a professional eye to scout and locate a property that perfectly matches the prospect's need.


Site visits can become tedious for a buyer.  Proper scheduling and effective co-ordination can make the exercise both pleasurable and effective.


Proper documentation is the key to security in property transactions.  Expertise in this area saves the bother that could arise in the future.


Consumers today have a wide range of finance options at their disposal.  Picking the right one delivers optimal savings in interest and cost.


The final step is probably the most cumbersome.  Moving and setting up home or office can be a breeze if handled professionally.

Changing Real Estate Scenario

The Real Estate scenario in Mumbai is evolving rapidly.  Over the last few years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in the business.  These changes have necessitated a radical new approach.

Selling Property

With the corporatization of the business,  it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract first home buyers.  The big names attract a premium because of the security and reliability they offer.  this has made business that much more difficult for the small and medium developers.

The introduction of RERA has put untold pressure on the small and medium builder segment.  With price the only differentiator, selling property is no more a cake walk.

Buying Property

The consumer today is spoilt for choice.  The high number of unsold flats has put pressure on builders, but prices refuse to budge.  Getting the best deal is now a challenge for the buyer.  While security, timely delivery and construction quality cannot be compromised; there is still room to negotiate a great deal.  Information and data is a key to this negotiation.  Here is where an experienced realtor plays a vital role.

  • Ensuring that the property is ready for move in for the tenants
  • Screening the tenant, Placing the tenant
  • Maintenance and repair work done regularly

  • Submitting the tenants information to the local Police station for verification
  • Registering the lease agreement with the local government/registration office
  • Collecting the rent cheques from your tenants

  • Depositing the rent cheques in a timely fashion to your bank
  • Routine inspections of the property.
  • At the expiration of the lease, verify any wear and tear to the apartment

Professionally Handled Property Deals