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About us

Three Decades of Professionalism

Three decades is a lifetime! That’s the time Mr Mayur Mehta has spent in the Real Estate Industry. From land parcels to retail shops, the ticket size hardly mattered. What mattered most was a professional approach and total customer trust and satisfaction that accompanied a purchase. The real estate business has seen dramatic changes in recent times. The new legislation RERA has increased the responsibility and accountability of all players in favour of the consumer. While ease of purchasing has improved dramatically, the ease of selling has decreased proportionately. Given these new developments, professionalism plays an even more important role in real estate transactions today. Mangalam Estate Consultancy has credentials, built over the years, to execute clean transactions. It is this expertise that delivers great value to buyers and ensures complete security and timely delivery without the attendant hassles.

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Ready for any challenges. We make your business better.

Mayur Mehta
30 years in the real estate  industry.  Has dealt right from Land parcels for development and personal use, to individual residential, commercial, retail units , to bulk deals as well as corporate tie ups and initiation of joint venture projects.
Devang Valia
Business Partner

Devang Valia has spent over 15 years in Surat and Pune.  Tier-II real esate business has it's own challenges.  An ability to scout solutions and deliver attractive deals is his USP.  Devang has established himself as a real estate professional par excellence

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Ready for any challenges. We make your business better.